10 Tips for Your First NFT Drop

First time? Here are some precious tips on how to have a successful NFT drop

10 Tips for Your First NFT Drop

So you want to drop an NFT, welcome aboard. There’s never a dull day in web3!

Rarible has been partnering with some of the most amazing artists, brands and creators in the NFT space for some great drops.

And we get it—no matter how many NFTs you’ve launched, a new drop is always exciting. But regardless of how unique your artwork is, there’s more to creating a viral hit.

Join us in checking out the 10 suggestions our team set out for creators who are launching their first drop on Rarible.

Heads up! This article is part of a series of educational guides for creators, artists, and brands building the future of web3. We're here to lighten up all the NFT jargon, but keep in mind: this isn’t financial or professional advice.

1. Create with purpose

Make it matter. Giving your project a purpose, a story and a connection are the things that will make people want to be a part of it.

TRASH OCTAVES by artist ROBNESS launched with the Trash Art Renaissance movement.

Is your purpose having no purpose whatsoever? We’ve seen that happen too and go really well. The key here is that you and your audience must be in sync.

Wherever your style takes you, make sure to express it in your NFT. Be original, bold, unique, and tell your story the way you want to tell it.

2. Nurture your community

Community is the core of web3. We build together, collect together and grow together. Nurturing your community is something every creator in web3 should take seriously.

Make working on your branding part of your daily routine. Besides being great at what you do, it’s really important to be seen and recognized as an authority in the space.

Connect with artists and brands you admire and join communities where you feel welcome. Some great ones out there include HUG for artists and SheFi for women working in web3. Getting involved with other communities will teach you how to eventually nurture your own (with time and integrity).

3. Define the type of NFT for this drop

One of the first steps is to consider what kind of NFT drop you’ll allow people to experience. Some of the types of NFTs you can launch include:

  • Open edition: One art, unlimited mints under a time frame. E.g. Nefarious Meditation.
  • Multi-edition: Mint multiple copies within a limit. E.g. Banners.
  • Limited edition: Collection of predetermined unique NFTs. E.g. Based Bits.

Remember, this will define not only the message of your drop but also its impact on people. And also the amount of work you need to do before launching it.

4. Choose the right chain for your case

No matter what you’re building in web3, choosing the right blockchain can define your path. You want to select the chain where your audience is (or wants to be). And most importantly, one that speaks to you as an artist or brand.

Based Bits launched when Rarible announced support for Base and sold out all 8,000 NFTs.
Based Bits launched when Rarible announced support for Base and sold out all 8,000 NFTs.

Perhaps you’ve nurtured your Ethereum community for too long and it’s worth checking what the fuss is about in L2 NFTs (and benefit from fast and cheap transactions). Maybe you’re here for the art, and in that case, RARI Chain might be it.

The secret is to look at the NFT scene in all blockchains and calculate the potential of launching your drop there.

5. Read the room, I mean, the NFT market

Timing matters. Ask yourself if this is the right time to launch a drop like you have in mind. Your audience must be engaged, and keeping an eye on current trends to take advantage of can’t hurt.

Sometimes it’s worth rushing your drop to catch a wave of interest in a theme. Othes, it’s better to adapt your strategy to match the market sentiment (e.g., if a certain chain is hot right now, why not expand your community?)

It’s impossible to predict the market 100%, but it’s always worth analyzing people’s behavior in the market to calculate your next move.

6. Set the price and royalties % with your goal in mind

Pricing plays a big role in making people interested in what you have to offer. What’s your goal with this drop? Is it to have as many mints as possible or to make it an exclusive masterpiece?

BASED GOD by ZafGod launched at 0.00069 ETH, degens’ magic number
BASED GOD by ZafGod launched at 0.00069 ETH, degens’ magic number

Remember that a profit-centered approach to NFTs may not necessarily lead you to millions of dollars. Some people are here for the art, others for the games, the culture, the technology—and sure, some people are here for the money.

Make sure you know who your drop is for and charge accordingly. And don’t forget, be the first to defend your rights to creator royalties.

7. Be your loudest marketer

There’s no stressing this enough, we have to be our biggest advocates in life, especially if we’re taking such a step as launching a new drop. This launch could be a turnkey for your path as a creator, so don’t underestimate the importance of good marketing.

And we don’t mean just tweeting out a couple of times! Web3 marketing goes a long way, and relying solely on web2 social media might not be so effective.

Get to know your community, where they are, and how you can reach them. Some ideas include:

  • Sharing the news on the right channels. Consider X, Discord, your mailing list, blog, Farcaster, etc.
  • Joining Spaces on X regularly, and remember to mention your drop closer to the launch date!
  • Don’t overpost it. Plan your posts ahead and grow interest organically.

You are the main character of this story. Be sure to lead the narrative.

8. Consider the launch date

Planning ahead can only help your project. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned creator, you have to consider that your community has other things taking their attention. Doing your drop on a Sunday, when most people are AFK and enjoying family time, might hurt your success.

Launched on Women’s Day, Love Letter by Laura Santiago had 6,361 mints in 24 hours.
 Launched on Women’s Day, Love Letter by Laura Santiago had 6,361 mints in 24 hours.

Set your drop to launch on a date you’re not only available to follow up, but you will have been able to complete a marketing plan until then.

If you can, avoid public holidays, weekends, and web3 conferences—unless, of course, that date is chosen precisely because it is a special one.

9. Reach out to allies

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together! True frens lift each other up, and doing your first NFT drop is definitely one of the best times to count on your allies.

Don’t be shy. Reach out to your online friends, community, partners, and even the chain your drop is on, and have them support your work—as I’m sure you’ve done for them before. This space is made from friendships and partnerships. You never know how that connection might turn out.

10. Select your partner wisely

Last but not least, having the right marketplace partner to launch your NFT drop on is a game changer. You want to link your brand to a partner that not only has a strong reputation in web3 but whose values match your own.

By the way, did you know you can launch your first NFT drop on Rarible?

Just like some of the biggest names in NFT art. To quote a few, Amber Vittoria, ROBNESS, Empress Trash, Sabet, Gabe Weis and ALIENQUEEN.

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