Solana NFTs land on

Featuring 0% trading fees for the first month.

Solana NFTs land on

Today, we welcome the community where the Bears are Okay, the Apes are Degenerates and deGods are, well, Gods. You might’ve guessed it already: We’re happy to announce that now supports Solana! And that comes with a nice bonus in the form of zero fee trading (more on that below) and a redesigned Explore page (you'll love discovering NFTs with our new filters).

As we keep saying, the future is multichain—and so is Rarible.

You might’ve already noticed we’ve added Solana to our Protocol earlier this year and launched a community marketplace for Degenerate Ape Academy, one of the blockchain’s foremost NFT communities. Now, Solana is live on—meaning you can go straight to the homepage and start listing and trading your favorite SOL-based NFTs.

Please note that some collections might be missing from the Explore page right now, but they'll appear as soon as users start listing those items. So go list!

Solana NFTs + overhauled Explore page = 💛

Now to the details. Solana is in beta right now. So while we’re still testing a few things and fixing bugs, most of the features are already usable. Here’s what you can do with Solana NFTs on Rarible:

  • Mint single & multiple editions of items
  • Buy any Solana NFT you want
  • List your NFTs for sale
  • Transfer NFTs to your other wallet or your frens
  • Burn NFTs if you hate them
  • Create your own collection
  • See activity on any Solana item
  • Add your Phantom wallet to your multi wallet profile (other wallets coming soon)
  • Enjoy item resale royalties for all creators

As you can see, we won’t have bids for now. But to compensate for that, we also won’t have fees.

That’s right. For the next month (up until August 14, 2022), you can trade Solana NFTs for free on After that, we’ll charge a 1% seller fee and it'll still be 0% for the buyer.

That’s it! Have fun exploring Solana on Rarible.