Official Smurfs NFTs are here. Get yours via Bucket Auction!

Smurfs Society. Powered by Rarible.

Official Smurfs NFTs are here. Get yours via Bucket Auction!
TL;DR:• Rarible is powering the launch of ‘The Smurfs’ Society Legendary Collection’, an official collection of 12,500 NFTs building on the Smurfs’ universe.• The first leg of the launch is the 48-hour bucket auction, which goes live NOW, on April 18th at 5pm CET (11am ET time). This auction will determine the collection's mint price, featuring the first 3,000 NFTs.• The remaining 9,500 NFTs will be minted later based on the auction's clearing price, and will be available for purchase on the Smurfs' Society community marketplace, built and powered by Rarible.

Whether it’s Twitter adopting NFT avatars or Paris’ Centre Pompidou displaying CryptoPunks, we love to see Web3 culture seep into the mainstream.

But we also love to see the reverse: Trusted Web2 (or pre-web) brands launching their own NFT projects, onboarding new enthusiasts into the wonderful world of Web3 in the process.

As the go-to-market Web3 partner for established and emerging brands, we’re proud to partner with one of the most beloved franchises of all time: The Smurfs!

As one of the most enduring entertainment brands, the adorable blue figures have inspired kids across generations and attracted collectors of all ages for over 65 years.

Now, we're helping the Smurfs launch ‘The Smurfs’ Society Legendary Collection’, an official collection of 12,500 NFTs building on the Smurfs’ universe, via the custom white-glove bucket auction and community marketplace experiences.

Smurfs + Web3 = 💙

Today, on April 18th at 5pm CET (11am ET time), Rarible will host a 48-hour bucket auction for 3,000 3D-rendered Smurf PFPs.

A bucket auction is a type of auction where the community ultimately decides the mint price. We'll get into that below.

The total supply of the PFP collection is 12,500. It consists of 250 Smurf characters of 50 types. With over 300 randomized traits like skins, background FX, etc., each NFT is unique.

Further, the cute NFTs come with exclusive utilities, benefits and perks attached to individual Smurf characters (like game tickets for Soccer Smurf, wine bottles for Sommelier Smurf, etc.). Utilities include physical prints, raffles to win prizes, and access to partners’ and artists’ services, products, or artwork. All Smurfs’ Society holders will also get access to other projects currently in the works, namely an upcoming NFT game, and a DAO that curates and finances sustainable projects to protect the planet.

For anyone who didn’t win in the auction (or just wants even more Smurfs NFTs), we’ve also built a community marketplace where you can buy a Smurfs PFP on the secondary market! The marketplace launches after the auction ends, on April 20th.

There will also be a mint for the remaining 9,500 NFTs from the collection, so make sure to follow The Smurfs Society for more details.

The Community Sets the Price

Web3 is all about community. That’s why there's no preset mint price for this auction. The bidders will ultimately decide how much ETH the Smurfs are worth!

As mentioned above, the Smurfs’ Society will launch with a bucket auction: You can bid on the auction for a chance at getting Smurfs NFTs.

At core of the bucket auction is "the clearing price", which is calculated by determining the highest price at which all NFTs could be sold at the same price without going past the total supply of NFTs.

If your bid is at or above the current “clearing price”, you’ll have one of the “winning bids”, which means you’ll receive NFT(s) when the auction ends. If the clearing price rises, your bid will be losing and you won’t receive NFTs and get all your ETH back (except gas fees). If your bid was higher than the clearing price, you'll only pay the clearing price and will be refunded whatever ETH you bid above.

So, for instance, if the clearing price ends up being 0.5 ETH and you've bid 1.1 ETH, you get two NFTs and 0.1 ETH refunded back to you.

In other words: The price is only as high as the community is willing to pay! To find out details about the bucket auction, check out the Smurfs’ Society’s own resources.

Also, all winning bids will receive a Fusion NFT of different rarity, depending on the amount of your bid. Fusion NFTs will allow you to customize your Smurf Society NFTs, so it's definitely a good reason to participate in the auction!

And if you miss the auction, don’t worry: You can always pick up the Smurf PFPs on their community marketplace once it goes live after the bucket auction.

Stay tuned by following the Smurfs Society on Twitter or check out the official home page!