Introducing Rarible API

Real-time Infrastructure for NFT Builders.

Rarible API, Real-time Infrastructure for NFT Builders

• Rarible is launching Rarible API, real-time infrastructure for the future generation of NFT dApps.

• Rarible API solution includes a real-time NFT indexer, aggregated order book, multi-chain support, and powerful trading SDK.

• You can get your free API keys now to test the solution.

Rarible has been building in the NFT space since the very beginning. For years, we’ve been advocating for creators and builders with a single mission in mind: to propel the NFT ecosystem forward, helping it grow and evolve.

Today, we’re rolling out something to help builders ship a new generation of dApps, onboarding the next 100,000,000 users. To pave the way for the next wave of web3 users, these new dApps should feel even smoother than the web2 apps we all use in our daily lives. Transactions should be processed almost instantly. Nothing should feel clunky.

Apart from the new fast blockchains that are launching en masse, another critical piece of infrastructure for the next generation of dApps is the ability to pull on-chain data in real time from any network.

Enter Rarible API, our new solution that includes:

  • Real-time NFT indexer
  • Aggregated order book
  • Multi-chain support
  • Powerful trading SDK

It’s the infrastructure that will help build the future of NFTs.  

Now, first things first:

Why Rarible API?

In order to grow and onboard new users, the NFT space and its builders need the right tools. A reliable and performant API is one of those essential instruments.

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, an API, or Application Programming Interface, is a means for different software applications to communicate with each other.

In the context of NFTs, this means enabling apps to access live and historic, accurate blockchain data with just a few lines of code. 

That short string of code is essential for builders to kickstart their projects — whether it's a marketplace, a trading bot, a web3 wallet, or literally any app that needs on-chain NFT data — without having to spend months building and maintaining their own solution. 

The Rarible API toolkit offers exactly this—but also more.

Here's a closer look at what you get from Rarible API:

  • All the NFT data you need: Access NFT items, collections, activities, and metadata across multiple blockchains (Ethereum, Flow, Base, and many others) through a single endpoint.
  • The fastest NFT Indexer on the market: Supply your app with constant and instant access to the latest NFT data: transactions, ownership, marketplace activity and more.
  • Aggregated Order Books: Have a clear birds-eye view on the entire NFT market through aggregated data from the biggest NFT marketplaces.
  • NFT Trading SDK: A user-friendly SDK for NFT trading, enabling wallet connections, mints, sales, and purchases.

The NFT API powering game-changing projects

Rarible API is not just a concept; it's a proven solution already powering a wide range of successful projects. Here are some key use cases where our API has been instrumental:

Wallets and Portfolios

Web3 wallets and portfolios represent the initial, active touchpoint for users as they enter and surf the space. Their success depends on whether or not they're able to give users accurate, real-time information about their NFTs.

We've helped Ledger, Status Wallet, and Trust Wallet by providing Rarible API for real-time NFT data and ownership tracking, ensuring users always have the latest information on their assets.

Whitelabel Marketplaces

Marketplaces play a crucial role in widening NFT experiences and onboarding new users. 

RaribleX stands out as a premier white label marketplace solution for both web3 leaders and Fortune 500 companies. Its effectiveness is rooted in Rarible API, which has already enabled brands like Mattel, Animoca Brands, McFarlane and Fox Entertainment’s Krapopolis, (among many others) to offer reliable and efficient NFT trading platforms tailored to their communities.

Web3 Gaming

The web3 gaming revolution is all about putting the user in the driving seat, giving them full control over their in-game assets. Rarible API bridges the gap between blockchain data and gameplay, making it easier for developers to add features like in-game minting, payments and ownership.

Our partnership with SphereOne will show how Rarible API can support games by enabling seamless NFT integration, improving both engagement and monetization opportunities.

Embedded NFT Trading

If you've already built your platform and are looking to enhance the final stages of your users' journeys in web3, Rarible API can seamlessly embed NFT trading within your app.

Data and Analytics

Researchers and analysts benefit from Rarible API's ability to consolidate NFT data, using it for building analytical tools and conducting academic research. 

For instance, Footprint Analytics uses Rarible API to allow users to create custom dashboards for comprehensive NFT market analysis.

Trading Terminals and Bots

If you're aiming to automate how you gather data insights on specific NFT collections or blockchains, consider following BotFrens' lead and utilize Rarible API.

This approach helps you build social bots that display collection stats and activities, which, in turn, helps your communities to stay in the loop.

I’m building! Where do I get my API keys?

Rarible API offers a range of solutions tailored to different needs, from builders who are just starting out, to large enterprises with unique requirements.

Rarible API pricing

You can see all available plans on the Rarible API website or get your free API keys to test it before making a decision.

Still have questions? Chat with us or our dev community. Join the RARI Foundation Discord and follow Rarible on X for the latest updates and news.