Rarible 2022: Year in Review

From Rarible 2 to the first community marketplace launch, here are some of our biggest highlights of the passing year.

Rarible 2022: Year in Review

Since one year in web3 feels like 10 in real life, we should probably call this a decade in review.

Jokes aside, 2022 has been an especially big, important year for the NFT space, and we're honored be part of this industry along with all of you.

After 12 months of surprises, some disappointments and non-stop building, we look back at a turbulent, yet an exciting year.

To stick with our little tradition, we want to recap the passing year and give a peek at what’s to come in 2023.

The Year in Numbers

Let’s start with some total numbers:

  • We’ve built a total of 17 white glove community marketplaces for high-profile collections like Pixel Vault, v1 Punks, mfers, rektguy and more
  • NFT creators used our self-serve community marketplace builder to generate more than 1240 marketplaces (with more coming every day!)
  • With 3 new blockchains supported including IMX, Solana and Polygon, we’ve welcomed many new communities to Rarible
  • And with a combined audience of about 1,3 million, we're humbled to see how many people follow us at Rarible
  • As part of the launch of Rarible 2, we’ve aggregated a total of 4 additional marketplaces to give you the liquidity you need to buy and sell NFTs at great prices.

Month by month

Let’s zoom in a little bit and celebrate the achievements each month brought to Rarible.


We’re happy to finish the year strong by partnering with McFarlane Toys on their digital experience. As the first community marketplace built on Polygon, we love to see this mainstay in the physical collectible space take their first digital steps with Rarible!


Royalties are a vital income stream for many communities and creators. While some marketplaces let traders skip the royalties , we strongly believe creators deserve the fees web3 promised them.

That’s why we decided to enforce royalties on all orders aggregated on Rarible-powered marketplaces.


Perhaps our biggest update of the year was when Rarible 2 launched.

Featuring an aggregated platform, an overhauled $RARI Rewards program curated by the all new Rarible Foundation and a wealth of new features, Rarible 2 aims to help people to get easier access to the NFTs they love at great prices.


Web3 gaming is coming! That’s why we integrated Immutable X in September—an Ethereum Layer 2 solution purpose-built for gaming. Around the same time our IMX integration went live, the massive Pixel Vault community marketplace launched.


We had a lot to be excited about in August. First of all, we launched the self-service builder that makes creating your own community marketplace incredibly easy. At the same time, we partnered with FOX Entertainment’s blockchain arm to launch a community marketplace for Krapopolis, Dan Harmon’s new NFT-powered show!


In July, Rarible.com integrated Solana. After launching the Degenerate Ape Academy Community Marketplace earlier (more on that later0, we finally welcomed the rest of the Solana community.

Because everyone needs some fun in a market downturn, we also partnered with OSF and Mando on the Rektguy community marketplace.


Everyone’s affected by the market downturn. That’s why, in June, Rarible.com cut marketplace fees down to 1% for each side

June is also when the iconic mfers community marketplace went live!


We were honored to work with one of the most historically significant collections in all of NFTs which resulted in the V1 punks community marketplace going live.


We made our first foray into the Solana ecosystem, launching the Degenerate Ape Academy community marketplace.


March was a big one. We:

What’s coming in 2023? 👀

While the market conditions might have changed, our desire to build hasn’t. That’s why we’re more focused than ever to empower communities to trade on their own terms and build spaces for their members to thrive in. Stay tuned!