4 Reasons Why a Community Marketplace is the Perfect Home for Your Holders

Looking for a way to house your community? Look no further.

4 Reasons Why a Community Marketplace is the Perfect Home for Your Holders

If the past 2 years in Web3 (aka ~25 years in web2) has taught us anything, there is at least one thing NFTs excel at: Communities. NFTs connect us with like-minded people from all across the world, all sharing a big thing in common: the precious JPEGs we hold in our wallets.

But with the raging marketplace war and all the scams which are (unfortunately) around, trading and building can feel like a hassle.

That’s why we believe community marketplaces are the future: platforms specifically made for your community, and only for your collection.

Here are 4 reasons why a community marketplace is the way to house your community:

Marketplace Wars? No thanks!

It’s annoying to worry about which marketplace to buy, list or trade on. Especially when those marketplaces force you to block your collection on other marketplaces, and/or don't respect royalties.

V1Punks community marketplace

When you have your own marketplace, you’re protected from what’s going on out there. Instead of switching back and forth between other marketplaces, your community members will have one address where they know they’ll be trading with frens from their community.

Built-in liquidity & royalties

Rarible community marketplaces aggregate orders from major NFT marketplaces. That way, your community doesn’t have to shop around and compare prices, but gets an easy overview.

Degen Zoo community marketplace

We also want to ensure you get the royalties you deserve. That way, you get the funds you deserve for running your community. You can also set custom fees on Rarible community marketplaces—all of which go towards the community wallet you specify!

Scam protection

Many marketplaces are rife with copycat collections or outright scams. When you have to find collections through a search bar, community members (especially newer ones) might lose funds buying the wrong NFT!

On your own community marketplace, only your collection can be traded. That way, your community always knows they’re buying an authentic NFT.

CryptoSkulls community marketplace

When you set up your marketplace with your own domain (DNS is supported), your community will have even more trust because they’re in their own digital home.

On-brand design

Third-party marketplaces make every collection look the same by mixing them in the same interface. But NFTs are about art, vibes and culture, right? Your community deserves better!

rektguy & OSF art community marketplace

Launching your own community marketplace gives you the option to customize the design to make your marketplace truly look like you—and give your community the vibe they know and love.

Launch your community marketplace today!

If this article made you curious about community marketplaces, why not set one up for your community? It’s 100% free and you can do it here in just a few minutes!