Get into official DC NFTs with Batman: Year 2 drop

Own the night. Own the knight.

Get into official DC NFTs with Batman: Year 2 drop
TL;DR:• McFarlane’s Batman: Year 2 drop is now live on Polygon.• Public mint starts at 10:00 AM PT time, July 27 (today).• Rarible is hosting both primary (mint) and secondary sales via McFarlane’s custom marketplace.• Priced at 70 MATIC, there are 1987 NFTs to be minted—some digitally signed by Todd McFarlane, who also designed the collectibles.• The drop follows McFarlane's recent deal with Warner Bros., meaning we're likely to see more DC-licensed NFTs.

One of the most exciting developments in Web3 is that more and more IP holders are extending their franchises to digital collectibles.

It makes sense: In the digital realm, designers have a more open space for their creative work, while collectors get to enjoy the benefits of true ownership.

One brand on the forefront of that is McFarlane Toys. After creating some of the most sought-after physical collectibles IRL, McFarlane entered the realm of web3 with a custom marketplace and minting experience on Polygon powered by Rarible in December last year.

But that’s not every area McFarlane is innovating in: Their holder XP system aims to reward the most loyal holders. One example of that: Officially licensed Superman collectibles which were exclusively available for XP holders.

Today, we’re super excited to share the details of McFarlane's first big DC drop since their massive partnership with Warner Bros was announced: Batman: Year Two!


These collectibles are unique for a few reasons:

  • They’re the first-ever DC-licensed NFTs designed by the original comic artist (Todd McFarlane himself).
  • 200 NFTs in the collection are digitally signed by Todd McFarlane.
  • Priced at 70 MATIC (~$50) on Polygon (meaning minimal gas fees) and supported with a credit check out feature during public mint, these NFTs are accessible for a bigger audience.
The Batman: Year Two mint will have 3 phases:• Allowlist 1 (reserved for holders with over 5,000 XP): July 27, 9:00am PT - 55 MATIC• Allowlist 2 (reserved for Bat Cowl holders): July 27, 9:45am PT - 62.5 MATIC• Public: July 27, 10am PT - 70 MATICSo if you haven’t qualified for Allowlist, check in at 10AM:00 PT to mint NFTs from the remaining supply. If you miss the mint, you can always pick your NFT on the secondary marketplace.As mentioned above, credit card checkout will be supported during the public mint stage to ensure better accessibility for collectors with little or no Web3 experience.

Now we won’t spill any alpha yet, but make sure to stay tuned for more DC drops from McFarlane...