Boss Beauties x Barbie NFTs: Everything you need to know

And how you can get one today (it's quicker than getting a physical doll!)

Boss Beauties x Barbie NFTs: Everything you need to know
TL;DR:• The official Barbie x Boss Beauties NFTs are now live on the Rarible-powered Mattel Virtual Marketplace!• You can pick any Barbie-based NFT you like and buy it seamlessly via credit card checkout, with almost zero gas fees• Rarible continues to onboard popular web2/traditional brands to web3

The time has come. Official Barbie NFTs are here, brought to you by our partner Mattel and web3 brand Boss Beauties, launched via the mainstream ready Flow blockchain.

Here’s everything you need to know about the collection—and how you can get one right now, even if you don’t have a topped up wallet ready.

Championing representation, from web2 to web3

The Boss Beauties x Barbie collection shows women from all walks of life and careers to highlight that women can be whoever they want. Representation matters in all professions—from engineering to nursing and from web2 to web3. That’s a value both Barbie and Boss Beauties stand for, which is why we’re super excited about this collaboration!

The collection’s early access launched on May 10th, and the public sale launched on May 18th on the Mattel Creations website.

Starting May 21st (that's today!), the collection is now available on secondary via the Rarible-powered Mattel Virtual marketplace.

If you bought a Barbie x Boss Beauties NFT pack as part of the primary sales, you would get four NFTs of 6 different rarities, from Common to Exclusive: Scoring an ultra rare NFT gets you a Barbie Career of the Year doll set and an exclusive collectible even gets you a ticket to World of Barbie!

Each Barbie also has a role: Some of them are beekeepers, others are park rangers. Fighter pilots? You got it! Feeling more like an astronaut today? There’s a Barbie for that—and for so many other inspiring careers.

We want to help you get the exact Boss Beauties x Barbie NFT you want and resonate with the most, so whether you’ve got your eyes on a rare one to expand your personal collection or missed the mint, you’ll find them listed there!

Seamless onboarding: quicker that getting a physical doll

When NFTs first entered the mainstream, much of it was about how expensive they are. Beeple’s $69m sale, Bieber’s $1.3m Ape and so on.

That perception made it difficult for newcomers to even think about buying an NFT. Add wallet creation, seed phrase storage, expensive gas fees and so many other things—and web3 suddenly looks super complex.

But if we want to onboard millions more people to web3, we need to make NFTs more accessible, easier to use and make everyone feel at home.

That’s why getting a Barbie NFT is as easy as it gets. While Web3 can be complicated for newbies, Mattel Virtual marketplace makes it easy:

  • All virtual collectibles are minted on the Flow blockchain, making gas fees a fraction of a penny
  • You can check out with your credit card (no need to figure out how to top up your wallet first)
  • The marketplace makes creating a crypto wallet as easy as any email login

All in all, Barbie virtual collectibles are accessible, even if you’re new to web3, just like Mattel’s Hot Wheels NFTs! We at Rarible strongly believe that accessible NFTs based on popular traditional IPs will play a major role in the future.

Want to pick up your favorite Boss Beauties x Barbie NFT? Head over to the Mattel Virtual marketplace now!