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Get your Digital Citizenship with Atlas Space

RaribleX powers NFT marketplace and primary mint for the business-focused metaverse project.

Get your Digital Citizenship with Atlas Space

• Atlas Space is a metaverse project that aims to integrate businesses into the rich world of web3

• The project's NFT marketplace and first phase mint are now live on Polygon, powered by RaribleX

• The mint reveal is scheduled for January 25th, with more details to be announced soon

As we keep saying, digital collectibles is what the future holds for NFTs—not just PFPs, but items that cater to a bigger audience, unlocking further utility and use cases. 

Our partner Atlas Space is working on exactly that—they’re creating an NFT-powered virtual world with a focus on creator economy, networking, and brand engagement. I mean, when looking for useful connections, would you rather go to a boring web2 website with an outdated UI, or literally put on your best suit and step into a metaverse full of like-minded people? 

Atlas Space's new RaribleX-powered NFT marketplace is now live on Polygon, hosting the mint for the project’s inaugural collection. 

Here's what you need to know about Atlas Space.

Become a citizen of Atlas Space

Atlas Space is a multifaceted metaverse project that aims to integrate businesses into the rich world of web3. However, it's not all business talk—art and social activities are also part of the deal, meaning Atlas Space caters to creatives, content creators, entrepreneurs, and brands alike.

In other words, Atlas Space is building a decentralized realm where people can do all the fun metaverse things—attend events, vote, and connect with others using their avatar NFTs—but also focus on entrepreneurship and engagement. It’s basically the web2 business world reimagined and adapted for web3.

Atlas Space is kicking off with the mint of its inaugural NFT collection, 'Citizenship' (live now!), gearing up for the future full metaverse launch (the early version of the digital world is accessible via web and mobile app).

True to its name, each Citizenship NFT makes you a member of the Atlas Society, giving you the privileges of its rightful citizen. The collection is broken into five tiers.

Atlas Pioneers—looking too cute.

Notably, the top two tiers—Genesis (10 NFTs) and Atlas Elites (250 NFTs)—are said to be eligible for future airdrop opportunities. The remaining tiers—Metaversal Explorers (1,000 NFTs), Atlas Community (Open edition capped at 5,000 NFTs) and Atlas Pioneers (10,000 NFTs)— will give voting rights of different powers, Mystery Boxes and other benefits. Learn more about Citizenship NFTs’ utility here. The first phase will see 4,000 NFTs minted.

The mint reveal will happen on January 25th, 2024. More details will be announced soon, so stay tuned and make sure to follow our socials—just scroll down a little bit to find the links.