Building an NFT product? Grab your free Rarible API Keys!

Unpacking 3 core components that Rarible Protocol's free API keys give you access to.

Building an NFT product? Grab your free Rarible API Keys!
TL;DR:• Rarible Protocol's API keys are now downloadable for everyone, free of charge• The API keys give you access to 3 main building blocks across different blockchains: Indexer, Order book and SDK• The main purpose of the API keys is to help you build unique NFT product

Do you want to build a unique NFT experience, but struggle with all the infrastructure? With free Rarible API keys, you don’t have to create everything yourself.

Claiming your key lets you access Rarible Protocol, which empowers you to build custom NFT experiences at any level of complexity. Whether you're an enterprise, developer or entrepreneur, an API key gives you the building blocks to build what you want better and faster.

Via the protocol, you get access to 3 core components: Indexer, Order book and SDK. Let’s see how each makes your life easier.

Indexer for live NFT data 📊

Rarible Protocol's Indexer gives you access to data like:

  • NFTs
  • Collections
  • Activity (e.g. sales, bids, etc.)
  • Metadata

All that on Ethereum, Polygon, IMX, Flow, Tezos and more!

Here’s how it works: Our indexer retrieves blockchain data through fast APIs, which means you don’t have to build your own and don’t have to pay to maintain Blockchain Nodes. Focus on what matters most—building what you want to build.

Order book for instant liquidity 💧

To give your project liquidity, an API key also gives you access to our entire order book to offer your users the best prices. Our protocol aggregates listings from:

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • LooksRare
  • X2Y2
  • SudoSwap

SDK to glue everything together 🏗️

To bring it all together, our SDK simplifies web3 building blocks, making it easy easy to connect wallets, mint, sell and purchase NFTs and showcase collections. You can integrate all these features with just a few lines of code.

Want to build a solid NFT project without having to build everything from scratch? Get a Rarible API key today and join our Discord to stay tuned!